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Building the CORE

03 Aug 2014


Chip spoke to us today about what he sees as the first order of business: Building the CORE.  A lot of people come and go through the church doors, but only some seem to feel called to become part of the CORE, those people who get it, who understand that being part of a church community is to be part of a mission, a mission that requires something more from you.  To accomplish what God is calling us to do and to be, we need to grow the CORE.  We need to have more and more Christ disciples catch the vision, hear the call and answer with a resounding “Yes!”

So what does it take to be part of the CORE?  It takes commitment—first to God, then to one another—a commitment to love, not in mere words, but in truth and in deed.  And once committed, we need to take our place, to organize ourselves so that God holds the number one spot in our priorities, and his work follows right behind.  Each one must be responsible to take their place and do their part.  There’s much to be done and it won’t happen all by itself; it requires laborers.  Finally, when we have committed individuals who have organized their lives around God’s priorities and are responsible to do our part, we, as a church, are empowered to do the amazing works of the kingdom!

Of course, this starts with you, yourself.  You must find that commitment, organize your life, be responsible first.  Then, we can follow Chip’s example: unabashedly invite others to join us in this great endeavor—following God as he builds the Church and expands the kingdom—an endeavor worth living for, even worth dying for.  This is what we’re called to, not cheap grace, but a grace that requires your all.  The Vineyard is an “All In” movement!  That’s our battle cry.  Let’s be All In for Jesus!

Meet the Pastor

22 Jul 2014

This is Chip Looney.  You may know him as the owner of One Music Square, oddly enough, the site of our first home as a church.  Chip has been a Christian for several decades and has been called to preach his entire life.  God is not slow, as men count slowness.  At just the right time, he keeps all his promises.  That’s what it is for Chip.  He’s very excited to begin this new journey with the LORD, with his family and with our community.

He won’t take the reins as pastor until September 1st, but he’ll be preaching off and on over the next month.  His installation as Senior Pastor of Huntsville Community Church, a.k.a. HCC Vineyard, happens on Sunday, August 31, on Labor Day Weekend, which happens to be a Celebration Sunday! Stay tuned for more details.  Until then, drop by and congratulate him at his store on the SW corner of 11th and Sam Houston Avenue or catch him on Sunday with us.

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