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    Sunday School—9:30 am
    Worship & Word—10:30 am
    Small groups meet throughout the week.
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  • HCC Happenings

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    • Worship
      Starts: 10:30 am
      Ends: July 27, 2014 - 12:30 pm
      Location: Avenue L Coffeehouse, 1215 Sam Houston Avenue
      Description: Join us for worship and the word in community.
    • CrafTuesday@Avenue L
      Starts: 6:30 pm
      Ends: July 29, 2014 - 9:00 pm
    • Women's Group
      Starts: 4:30 pm
      Ends: July 30, 2014 - 6:00 pm
      Location: Avenue L Coffeehouse, Sam Houston Avenue, Huntsville, TX, United States
      Description: Studying the Pentateuch
    • Men's Group
      Starts: 5:30 pm
      Ends: July 30, 2014 - 6:30 pm
      Location: Room of Requirement@Avenue L Coffeehouse
      Description: Guided Spiritual Audit
      Leaders: Jeff Brown & Scott Hornung

Meet the Pastor

22 Jul 2014

This is Chip Looney.  You may know him as the owner of One Music Square, oddly enough, the site of our first home as a church.  Chip has been a Christian for several decades and has been called to preach his entire life.  God is not slow, as men count slowness.  At just the right time, he keeps all his promises.  That’s what it is for Chip.  He’s very excited to begin this new journey with the LORD, with his family and with our community.

He won’t take the reins as pastor until September 1st, but he’ll be preaching off and on over the next month.  His installation as Senior Pastor of Huntsville Community Church, a.k.a. HCC Vineyard, happens on Sunday, September 7, Labor Day Weekend.  Stay tuned for more details.  Until then, drop by and congratulate him at his store on the SW corner of 11th and Sam Houston Avenue or catch him on Sunday with us.

Be a Blessing. Make a Difference.

12 Jul 2014

If you’d like to participate in this community outreach, bring your donations to church any Sunday between now and August 3.  Place them in the Orange Box in the foyer, beginning this Sunday, July 13.  If you’d like to make a financial donation, follow the directions in the flyer below.


06 Jul 2014

This Sunday, July 6, is Communion Sunday.  Come and break bread with us around the LORD’s Table and remember Jesus!

26 Jun 2014

 That’s this Sunday!  So don’ t forget to tell a friend, grab some breakfast to share and come early!  Also, if anyone would like to dedicate a child, make a public commitment or get baptized, contact info@hccvineyard.org.


Support Gavin

17 Jun 2014

Shortly after Gavin Elm’s 7th Birthday, he was hospitalized with pneumonia and another underlying infection that left him unable to breathe on his own.  The doctors at Texas Children’s Hospital are doing all they can and the saints are praying.  He’s doing better, but has had ups and downs.  We need to continue faithful in prayer for Gavin and his family—for healing, for grace, for peace and strength and for provision.  To that end, here’s a link where you can make a donation to help the Elms Family deal with the financial burden this has imposed on them.  They have enough concerns with Gavin’s health and don’t need also to be worrying about how they’re going to pay the medical bills.  If you’d like to make a donation, go to http://www.gofundme.com/a7evb0.  And PRAY!

Project House, Saturday, June 21!

10 May 2014

We could use some help on this project.  We’re helping out a neighbor by painting their house.  If you’d like to lend a helping hand this weekend, Saturday, June 21, contact Scott Hornung at 936-295-4648.  If not this weekend, there will two more opportunities.  Happy are those who are kind to the poor.  Get happy!  Lend a hand.

A Special Call to Prayer

07 Apr 2014

You are invited to a special edition of our F.I.R.E. meeting this coming Sunday, April 13 at 7 pm. at Avenue L Coffeehouse.  We will be praying for HCC Vineyard.  As we shared last Sunday morning, we are in the process of imagining the future of Huntsville Community Church, asking God to fill us with his vision for our community.  With the lease expiring at the end of June, we’re coming up on some deadlines when decisions need to be made.  We invite you to participate with us as we seek the LORD.

New Book Study // Wednesdays@5:30 PM

29 Mar 2014
We would like to announce a new Men’s small group. The study of Judah Smith’s book “Jesus Is”. The group will start April 9th and last 8 weeks meeting at 5:30 pm. The group is open to everyone, not just men.

Judah Smith digs deep to answer the most common and the most difficult questions about Jesus, a man so few understand and so many desperately need. In Jesus Is, Judah Smith explores a number of topics that reveal Jesus’ purpose for coming, what He accomplished while He was here, and what that means for us.

Jesus is greatly revered, harshly criticized, and sorely misunderstood. Judah breaks down who Jesus is and explains to readers how understanding Jesus more fully will not only enrich their lives, but also give them meaning, as well as save them.

The 8-week Jesus Is DVD-Based Study will help participants discover how to have a deeper, lasting relationship with Jesus, and to commune with and grow in Him. Judah will show you that Jesus is more than a good teacher, more than an inspiring leader. He is the point of all life.

Perfect for evangelism, the video sessions will help new or mature Christians understand the person of Jesus.” Amazon Review

Judah and Chelsea Smith are the lead pastors of the City Church in Seattle, Washington. Judah is a well-known speaker at conferences and churches around the world. His humorous yet poignant messages demystify the Bible and show people who Jesus is in their everyday life.

Books and participants guides are available to purchase.

New Wine Skins

26 Mar 2014

HCC Vineyard is a church in transition, which is both exciting, and little bit scary.  God has prompted us to make changes that will shape our future in ways that we can only imagine.  The exciting part is knowing that we’re following the leading of the Holy Spirit.  We all signed up for an adventure when we answered the call to follow after Jesus.  This reality is becoming sharply clear.  The scary part is the unknown.  We can’t help it, being weak human flesh.  But that’s okay.  Jesus knows exactly what that’s like and he’s walking with us into the unknown.  God always calls us into the difficult places, because it is there that we truly learn to trust and encounter his faithfulness.

So what changes are we talking about?  We’re transitioning our leadership to be more inclusive of the younger generation, adding more voices and a fresh vision.  We may or may not have a “Senior Pastor” or even be driven by one person who bears the title of “Pastor”.  That’s not clear yet, but it’s definitely one of the possibilities.  We’ve been moving in that direction slowly over the past two years.  It just comes to the point when you step off from what’s familiar and launch out into the deep.  That’s where we are now.

Also, there’s the question about the Avenue L Coffeehouse ministry and the building we currently occupy.  Everything is on the table.  So, please, pray for us, that we hear clearly and walk in unity, with the LORD and with one another.  And come and join us on this exciting adventure into the unknown.



Give Up, Take Up, Lift Up!

01 Mar 2014

In his Lenten message for 2014, Pope Francis takes inspiration from the words of St. Paul (For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though he was rich, yet for your sake he became poor, so that you through his poverty might become rich), and asks us to contemplate Paul’s invitation to live “a life of evangelical poverty.”  We can begin to embrace this call by fasting from or ”giving up” material things, including foods, that are superfluous to our basic needs; ”taking up” charitable habits that are directed to helping and caring for others; and ”lifting up” our brothers and sisters who are in need through giving alms, praying and participating in devotional practices.

We think that is a great focus for this Lenten season and encourage everyone to join our Catholic brothers and sisters in giving up, taking up and lifting up.  What a difference it would make if all the church labored as one in love, sacrifice and service.  May we be one, even as Jesus and the Father are one!

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